Retail Merchandising Center
Professional planograms for everybody
The screencaptures below give an impression of the user interface and features of Retail Merchandising Center.

Retail Merchandising Center dashboard
The main screen, a dashboard with all elements that can be found in the software.

Retail Merchandising Center planogram overview
An overview of all planograms. Filter on status (phase in the life cycle). The hierarchy on the left is tailored to your business structure during implementation.

Retail Merchandising Center planogram status
Move planograms from one phase to another.

Retail Merchandising Center link planograms to stores
Link planograms to stores.

Retail Merchandising Center product maintenance
All products in the assortment, organized the way you run your business. Changes are immediately applied to all planograms that carry the product.

Retail Merchandising Center add products to planograms
Quickly add one or more products to one or more planograms. Optionally place them on a shelf above the section, so that they can be dragged to the correct location quickly and efficiently.

Retail Merchandising Center find and replace a product
Process in-out changes quickly and efficiently with the Find & Replace feature.

Retail Merchandising Center which stores carry the selected produtct
When planograms are linked to stores, it is simple to see where a product is being sold.

Retail Merchandising Center reporting & analyses
Gain powerful insights through tailored reports and analyses. Using dynamic prompts, the user can interact with the report/analysis.

Retail Merchandising Center stores
List the stores the way your business is organized. Stores can be linked to planograms and floorplans to increase the possibilities for analysis and reporting.