Retail Merchandising Center
Efficient planogram maintenance & IT-integration
Planogramming Challenges
If you’re dealing with many planograms, you’re facing a number of challenges:
  • Version control. Which planograms are the active ones? What is the status of updates?
  • Data integrity. Is the product data consistent & up-to-date in all planograms?
  • Efficiency. How can I implement assortment changes quickly, without taking too much time?
These challenges become even bigger when you want to:
  • Link planograms to stores and/or floorplans.
  • Increase efficiencies in distribution of your planograms.
  • Integrate closely with other IT-systems and processes to exchange data.
Retail Merchandising Center Lifecylce

Planogram Life-Cycle / Workflow
At the heart of the system, we’ve implemented the concept of a planogram life-cycle. This way you are sure that once a planogram has gone “live”, i.e. it has been released for implementation into stores, it is impossible to make accidental changes to it.

When someone initiates a review, and starts adding or removing products from the assortment, the system automatically creates copies of the original planograms, securing the live/active ones. Only after consciously moving a new planogram proposal through various “sign-off” stages, can it become the new active plan, moving the previous one into the archive, offering a simple, yet clear workflow that protects the integrity of your planograms.

Retail Merchandising Center
Worry no longer! A powerful yet affordable solution exists: Retail Merchandising Center. Working in parallel with Retail Shelf Planner and optionally Retail Floor Planner, this solution provides the answers to all of the above mentioned challenges!

By allowing Retail Shelf Planner and Retail Floor Planner to store your planograms and floorplans in a central relational database repository, Retail Merchandising Center offers a powerful set of capabilities to manage and maintain these planograms and floorplans in a much more efficient way.

On top of that, with all that data being stored in a central, structured way, we’re also opening up a wealth of information through reports and analyses.
Retail Merchandising Center implementation

Efficient Maintenance
Retail Merchandising Center offers various powerful capabilities to make the maintenance of planograms a much more efficient, and less time-consuming task:
  • Change “generic” product data such as UPC, name, supplier, physical dimensions, … only once, and all planograms in which the product is listed, are updated at once!
  • List one or more (new) products in a series of planograms with just a few clicks. Optionally place them on a temporary shelf, so that you (or someone else) can easily drag and drop them into the correct location.
  • Quickly delist products, or mark them for easy identification during planogram updates.
  • Simply execute a “find & replace” when you have one of those many “in and out” assortment updates.